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Decommissioning: the road towards the "green field"

The European Commission is committed to protect the general public and the environment from undue radiological hazards. It has therefore developed a Decommissioning & Waste Management (D&WM) Programme for all nuclear sites of the Joint Research Centre (JRC).


The D&WM programme is managed by the Nuclear Decommissioning Unit of the JRC Ispra.


The programme was launched in 1999 with a Communication to the European Parliament and the Council [COM (1999) 114]. Since then, the Commission provides every four years a regular update of the programme progress (last Communication is COM (2013) 734).

To ensure the efficient execution of the D&WM Programme, the JRC is supported by a group of external experts acting independently of commercial interests.


The quality management system has been certified ISO 9001:2008 by the independent body DNV.