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Poster storicoThe JRC's Decommissioning and Waste Management Programme aims at progressively eliminating the JRC historical liabilities, i.e. those nuclear R&D facilities and radioactive waste management installations that have no future role in supporting the mission of the JRC.

The programme execution will not only protect the environment, the public and workers, but will also enable the JRC to eventually reduce operational costs associated with maintaining its obsolete nuclear plants in a state of safe conservation.

The policy guidelines supporting the implementation of the programme are:

  • To ensure that shutdown nuclear installations are maintained in a state of safe conservation, in compliance with regulatory and site requirements;
  • To maintain traceability and make radiological characterisation of plants and waste;
  • To minimise the amount of unused nuclear material by recycling it within industry, maximise the quantity of waste material that can be removed from regulatory control, and minimise the volume of remaining radioactive waste for temporary storage on the Ispra site;
  • To ensure the programme budget and schedule are respected, taking into account safety, environmental, regulatory and economic considerations;
  • To identify practical disposal routes and provide adequate interim storage capacity for existing and future waste;
  • To employ, wherever practical, proven technology and maximise the use of industry;
  • To gain and maintain the support of programme stakeholders, promoting dialogue with them and emphasising communication activities;
  • To disseminate the know-how and experience for the benefit of future generations.