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The activities of the D&WM Programme concern mainly:

  • management of nuclear materials,
  • nuclear facilities decommissioning,
  • management of radioactive waste
  • treatment and temporary storage facilities.
All activities are performed in conformity with current safety and regulatory requirements.

Key achievements in the first 10 years:

Removal of nuclear and special materials

  • ESSOR spent fuel shipped to the USA
  • Heavy water shipped to Canada
  • Non irradiated nuclear material inventory reduced by 95%
  • 1600 radioactive sources removed from site
  • Fresh and irradiated Sodium removed from site

Pre-decommissioning and Decommissioning

  • cooling tower of the Ispra-1 Reactor demolished
  • liquid effluents aerial pipeline dismantled
  • waste incinerator and pneumatic transfer lines from the reactor Ispra-1 and ESSOR to the on-site radiochemistry hot laboratory (RCHL) dismantled
  • RCHL decommissioned and released from radiological control in 2010

Italian Liabilities

  • A settlement agreement has been signed in November 2009, in which the Italian Government takes over the dismantling of the Ispra-1 reactor as compensation for the costs resulting from the previous research activities for the Italian Nuclear Programme carried out at the JRC Ispra.