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Business opportunities

The Ispra Site D&WM Programme is implemented with the support of expert contractors.
Contracts are awarded on the basis of the legal framework constituted by the EU Treaty, the EC Financial Regulation and the Directive on Public Procurement 2004/18/EC.

The principles of transparency, equal treatment, non-discrimination and proportionality are applied throughout all the EC public procurement procedures, the regulation establishing precise rules depending on the contract objective, the type of procurement procedure and the estimated value of the intended contract.

Supply, Service and Works Contracts are, except in specific cases, awarded via Calls for Tender published in the Official Journal (OJ) of the European Union, the journal being available in all official EU languages. OJ advertisements are also published daily in the Tenders Electronic Daily (TED), the on-line version of the Supplement S to the OJ, which can be accessed at

Simplified awarding procedures not requiring publication in the OJ are applied, on a competitive basis, for low value contracts (estimated value below 60000 €). Likewise, no OJ publication is made for restricted procedures following a Call for Expressions of Interest, and for specific negotiated procedures.

Participation in tendering procedures is open on equal terms to all natural and legal persons coming within the scope of the Treaties and to all natural and legal persons in a third country which has a special agreement with the European Union in the field of public procurement on the conditions laid down in that agreement. Where the plurilateral Government Procurement Agreement concluded within the World Trade Organisation applies, the contracts are also open to nationals of the countries that have ratified this Agreement, on the conditions it lays down.

Source: Official Journal of the European Union


Contract notices

  • I-Ispra: D&WM programme implementation assistance services (PIA) 243-442709
  • I-Ispra: JRC-Ispra's D&WM programme management assistance services (PMAS) 258107-2016


Contract award notices

  • I-Ispra: ND&WM programme support and operations services and related supplies in 5 lots: lot 4 nuclear facilities decommissioning and support to operations (NFD&SO) services and related supplies 2015/S 099-178303 178303-2015


Contract Notices

  • I-Ispra: D&WM engineering support services 45666-2014


Contract Notices

  • I-Ispra: Radioactive metallic waste treatment services 2013/S 215-373189 373189-2013
  • I-Ispra: Execution of technical drawings and related services 2013/S 208-359441 359441-2013
  • I-Ispra: ND&WM programme support and operations services and related supplies in 5 lots 2013/S 131-225558 225558-2013
  • I-Ispra: Supply of cask/s - retrieving and repacking irradiated pins and INM items for dry storage included 2013/S 129-220893 220893-2013


 Prior information notices

Contract Notices

  • I-Ispra: Retrieving, dismantling and packing of Gioconda, CART, Colibri irradiated rigs and irradiated nuclear material (INM) itema sotred in ADECO and relevant 110603-2012
  • I-Ispra: supply of an integrated facility to retrieve and pretreat radioactive bituminised drums from their shallow burial deposit in area 40 of JRC-Ispra 2012/S 118-194433 194433-2012


General information for potential suppliers:

Prior information notices

Contract notices

  • I-Ispra: framework contract for the provision of radioactive waste supercompaction services and relevant supplies and works 313682-2011
  • I-Ispra: framework contract for the supply of pallets and drums for radioactive waste management operations and related services - 2 lots 84455-2011
  • I-Ispra: supply of 2 liquid scintillation counters (LSC) and related services 193907-2011
  • I-Ispra: direct contracts for the supply and maintenance of radiation measurement equipment and relevant services - 8 lots 208201-2011
  • I-Ispra: executive design, supply, installation (including existing building adaptation) of a grouting facility, for the conditioning of low-level solid radioactive wastes 073333-2011
  • I-Ispra: sampling and characterisation of nuclear material - services and relevant supplies 066043-2011
  • I-Ispra: purchase and maintenance of radiation measurement equipment in 3 lots 237367-2010

Contract award notices

  • I-Ispra: works management for the construction of a temporary storage facility for containers of conditioned radioactive waste at the Ispra JRC 355765-2010
  • I-Ispra: nuclear decommissioning project implementation assistance 307374-2010
  • I-Ispra: acquisition and maintenance of fume hoods 20074-2010
  • I-Ispra: construction of an interim storage facility for conditioned waste packages, at the JRC Ispra site 36270-2010
  • I-Ispra: transferring radioactive sludge from tank L1 to the tank farm in building 52a and dismantling related equipment 36294-2010
  • I-Ispra: supply of pallets and drums for radioactive waste management operations 51383-2010
  • I-Ispra: waste management facilities operations and maintenance services 89812-2010
  • I-Ispra: D&WM programme support services for management, engineering and operations - lot 4: nuclear facilities decommissioning and support to operations (NFD&SO) services 89813-2010
  • I-Ispra: provisions of services of contaminated sodium disposal 104302-2010
  • I-Ispra: provision of radiation protection assistance (RPA) 355766-2010